Homemade literature

Amidst the “Covid-hurly burly“, several year twelve students and teachers of the English department enjoyed a pleasant moment of tea, biscuits and homemade literature. If you too would like to savour the outcome, go ahead and read our 84-word short stories yourself.

It was the booklet “84 stories, 84 words” published by the ‘No 84 Writing Group’ in London that first inspired senior students to try writing some short stories themselves. After reading and discussing several 84-word-stories in class, they took the same challenge of expressing an idea, a feeling or an experience in 84 words only.

As a final step towards sending the stories to the authors who form part of the No 84 Writing Group, the students invited English teachers to an afternoon reading with a hot cup of tea and biscuits (all served in accordance with Covid regulations!).

Personally, we feel that the outcome is stunning! If you should care to read the short stories yourself, we suggest to do so on a comfy sofa, with a hot, freshly brewed cup of tea or hot chocolate. Enjoy!

A Spring Day

Bloody Mary

Never Ending Love

On Bicycling

Stupid Paint


The Blackbird Nest

They're on again